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safe2176279 artist:glancojusticar278 apple bloom60096 applejack200693 discord37566 fluttershy258883 pinkie pie256082 pound cake3040 princess celestia112775 pumpkin cake2749 queen chrysalis42193 rainbow dash280167 rarity217713 scootaloo58808 shining armor28105 sweetie belle56797 twilight sparkle358112 a canterlot wedding3671 applebuck season1100 baby cakes826 fall weather friends940 for whom the sweetie belle toils987 g42031024 hurricane fluttershy1232 it's about time958 lesson zero1849 look before you sleep1115 ponyville confidential1169 putting your hoof down946 armor31235 badass3758 blushing274536 breasts391588 busty fluttershy23971 cake12887 clothes635347 embarrassed15334 female1804821 flutterrage594 future twilight1214 humanized119767 i'll destroy her119 mane six37654 mary janes1292 party cannon2072 pinkamena diane pie22485 scene interpretation10897 sketch82908 sweater19600 sweatershy3630 sword14806 tail extensions32 twilight snapple2351 warrior celestia429


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Background Pony #DFF7
Fluttershy: “Um, Twilight? That scandalous article that Gabby Gums did on me has taken quite a toll on my already-shriveled sense of self-worth, so I’m just gonna go home and cry for the next three days.
Just so you know where I am.”
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Glanco has a perfect understanding of each character. There’s no doubt in my mind now. You really have to internalize their personalities to get sketches this instantly recognizable.
Beau Skunky
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I love this artist’s humanizations. I can actually name every episode each of these bits come from. I also like they drew the “temporary insanity” bits for the characters to.
I especially like the badass Celestia. (From Canterlot Wedding, I’m guessing.)