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Yoshimon1 said:
Let’s head back to Zecora as fast as possible! Who knows how long that medicine takes to make, not to mention how fast it can cure the feather flu.
With your party now reunited, you head south deeper into the forest. Once at the field of poison joke, you knowingly make a left turn, and follow the hidden path back to Zecora’s hut.
As you arrive, you find the door to the hut open. Seeing no one else in the garden, you curiously peek inside, and find the zebra in the middle of the tree’s main room, stirring a maroon brew in a large cauldron.
Around her are countless bags and bottles of all shapes and sizes, some filling the many shelves embedded into the walls, others hanging from branches growing into the ceiling. A few decorative masks complete the foreign look of the candlelit room, adding a final touch of vibrancy to the wooden abode.
Zecora: “Trailblazer, Moonflower, and Apple Basket, welcome back. Do you already have the ingredients in your pack?”
You nod, and enter the hut at Zecora’s welcoming gesture. In turn, Moonflower gives her the wild blue yarrow, and Apple Basket, the jar of sun’s tear.
Zecora: “Ahh, yes, these will do nicely. Wait here for a moment; it will soon be ready.”
After using a scale to take measurements, the zebra adds some of the flowers and honey to the brew. Some stirring later, the liquid begins to bubble, and suddenly lights up with a golden glow.
Moonflower: “Oooh!”
Zecora takes a closer look — and smell — at the result. Then, with a satisfied smile, she fills up a glass vial with the solution, and hooves it over to you.
Zecora: “By the time it takes to drink this magical brew, there should be no traces left of the feather flu.”
You get Cure for Feather Flu!
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