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Nightshad321 said:
Thank zecora for helping the party brew the cure for the flu, perhaps even offer a hug for a sec or two and even notify her of the upcoming festival back in hoofington and that she’s welcome to join if she’s free! after that pack it up and start heading back to hoofington
Everfree Forest Random encounter: 3
You thank Zecora for the cure, and offer her the medicine payment, courtesy of Mayor Hoofingold. At that, she nods, and gracefully accepts the small pouch of bits.
You give Medicine Payment to Zecora.
Zecora: “Bringing good health is its own reward, but this generous boon I will not discard.”
With that settled, you get ready to return to Hoofington. Before you leave, however, you share a one-legged hug with the zebra, and tell her to consider herself invited to the festival she had a hoof in saving.
You emerge from the western side of the Everfree Forest. To your left, the lively town of Hoofington comes into view, colourfully decorated for the morrow. To your right, the afternoon sun shines brightly, bidding a warm farewell to an eventful summer.
Once far enough from the forest, you take a moment to wipe the sweat off your brow, and remove your armour. Your breast and forelegs feel grateful for the gentle breeze, though your matted coat could certainly go for a cool washing.
You unequip 2 Mirror Shin Guards, and Tempered Simple Breastplate.
Before long, your party enters Hoofington. In the town square, you pass by a modest outdoor stage that has since been built, surrounded by the excited chatter of artisans, some of whom are still making final preparations to their attractions.
After entering the town hall and having Sapphire Kite escort you through the mayor’s quarters once again, you and your friends find yourselves back in a hopeful Hoofingold’s office, and victoriously present the cure to him.
Hoofingold: “The medicine, you have it! Ho ho! Starswirl’s beard, I wasn’t sure it could be done, but ahh, there it is!
Oh, that’s right! Here. As promised, I’ve penned a formal invitation to the festival for the Starfalls Clan. Everypony’s invited, and then some!”
You trade Cure for Feather Flu for Formal Invitation.
Hoofingold: “Of course, this letter barely begins to express my gratitude. My family — nay, the whole town is in your debt! A debt I intend to repay in full when the time is right.
But for now, I must excuse myself, and bring this medicine to Autumn Skies straight away. Thank you again, young heroes!”
The clock on the wall indicates four o’clock.
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