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horse stuck
#MLPFiM #RainbowDash https://t.co/aVFGKYf31y

safe2176292 artist:_ton618_158 rainbow dash280168 pegasus497287 pony1604476 g42031027 adorable distress898 cute266038 dashabetes12253 dialogue93136 female1804831 floppy ears73074 folded wings20029 looking at you259699 mare742335 no catchlights769 open mouth237954 ponified animal photo1007 solo1427590 speech bubble39495 stuck3780 sweat40646 sweatdrop6859 talking10823 talking to viewer5923 teeth22005 wings223464


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Background Pony #D3A1
…. is that a cattle guard or some sort of bridge? That’s an awfully deep hole for it to be a cattle guard.
Background Pony #4133
I feel bad for real horse. RD, not at all.
She has those big Fisher Price hooves. Wider than the bars. Wider than the gaps. So how did she fall through? And she flies constantly, this is the one time she decides to walk and fails?