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Luna revealing to Tia the grandeur of the greatest Marvel film to date.

safe2155187 artist:astrum216 princess celestia111869 princess luna116303 alicorn310281 pony1583144 g42007810 chest fluff63993 clapping806 clothes625948 confused6613 cute263259 cute little fangs3330 dialogue91136 digital art29049 duo164680 duo female29663 ethereal mane13163 excited4188 fangs39285 female1781960 happy43909 height difference2158 high res406249 it's morbin time20 looking up23634 meme93235 morbius27 oblivious721 open mouth233299 raised eyebrow9818 royal sisters6579 shirt39553 siblings21235 simple background585932 sisters17599 sitting90798 size difference20909 smiling390241 spread wings92073 t-shirt6947 this will end in disappointment7 white background157736 wings217282


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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
Luna, don’t ever base your excitement on memes. You’d be disappointed.
Both of them are super cute here though. Look at Tia’s fluff. :3