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The My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale video thumbnails now have episode numbers in them.

safe2155514 edit171425 edited screencap89465 screencap294117 hitch trailblazer13597 izzy moonbow21133 pipp petals20498 señor butterscotch162 sunny starscout20958 zipp storm16516 earth pony438341 pegasus488446 pony1583459 unicorn529383 a home to share162 clip trot249 foal me once191 g573384 it's t.u.e.s. day202 mane melody273 maretime bay day 2.0244 my little pony: tell your tale24911 nightmare roommate272 sisters take flight167 sunny-day dinners155 the unboxing of izzy176 zipp's flight school203 spoiler:g532174 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale22717 spoiler:tyts01e01162 spoiler:tyts01e02202 spoiler:tyts01e03167 spoiler:tyts01e04272 spoiler:tyts01e05273 spoiler:tyts01e06176 spoiler:tyts01e07249 spoiler:tyts01e08191 spoiler:tyts01e09202 spoiler:tyts01e10155 spoiler:tyts01e11242 155 10147 1123 254 366 431 554 628 737 841 942 crying54976 female1782401 male543525 mane five4113 mane stripe sunny7382 mare728993 open mouth233387 stallion191912 wavy mouth5457 youtube thumbnail506


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Background Pony #E298
Did they mix up episodes 7 and 8? Because I’m pretty sure that “Clip Trot” was uploaded before “Foal Me Once”.