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The Pegasister ⚡🎶

safe2175325 artist:puyohh40 pipp petals20990 zipp storm16941 pegasus496930 pony1603446 g575589 my little pony: a new generation14779 adorable face1976 adorapipp3232 adorazipp1240 blue eyes12733 blushing274324 clothes634959 cute265912 duo170452 duo female30987 eyebrows24696 fanart2638 female1803861 filly97423 foal44246 gray481 gray sweater4 green background4924 green eyes9803 hair over one eye12914 heart76551 holding5459 mane3421 mare741705 pegasister164 pink coat1003 pipp is short589 purple mane2236 red mane1365 royal sisters (g5)2956 siblings21832 signature44136 simple background596821 sisters17981 sitting92442 smiling397759 sweater19590 tail100965 unshorn fetlocks46840 white coat1373 wings223229 zipp is tall20


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Background Pony #D738
An adorable way to commemorate the 100th image tag for royal sisters (g5)
Background Pony #15BE
Yeah it’s automatic and exclusive only to Princess Celestia and Luna. To delete a tag, simply click the x on the right side of the tagged word. Hope this helps :)
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Yes, if you check the tag description it has certain tags under “Implies”. Lots of tags do this, like adding “diapinkies” will automatically add the “Pinkie Pie” tag.
This tag existed before g5 was announced and was specifically made for the Celestia and Luna pairing. You can go to the forums and suggest either a change to the tag’s functionality or a rename of it.
To change the tags, click the “Tags: “ box right above the rest of the tags, then simply click on the X of the tags you don’t want (or type in new tags you’d like to add after posting). Anyone can do this if they see an error, even if they are not the uploader.

Ellis' Simp
i accidentally added the “Princess Celestia” and “Princess Luna” tags when I added the “Royal Sister” tag. is it really automatic? how to delete it?