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The true ending to season 5, The Cutie Re-Mark

semi-grimdark36647 artist:another_pony150 starlight glimmer60453 twilight sparkle360092 alicorn317829 pony1620478 unicorn545779 g42046407 the cutie re-mark3552 abuse9627 alternate ending717 animated127068 blood debts3 duo175466 duo female32634 explosion2739 female1820787 glimmerbuse331 glowing19614 glowing horn29395 good end690 gun20895 horn199310 implied death3420 magic97480 magic aura9159 mare753280 music4640 ponified51245 s5 starlight2732 sound17245 tara strong1381 telekinesis39408 tree50127 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150322 video1805 weapon41551 webm26265


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Background Pony #8BEF
Twilight Sparkle, age 19, gave herself up to the authorities after the incident. She is now serving a life sentence.
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I can’t believe I forgot about this scene. I should imprint it in my brain for life like Mark Collins, age 45, who is now serving a life sentence.