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An edit I made of this pic. >>832314 (on-site)
Because Twilicorn sucks and I didn’t like the body.
An edit I made of this >>832314 (on-site), as I don’t like Twilicorn or the way the body in the pic looked.
I was rather bored and made an edit, because I am rather silly and Twilight with wings irritates me more than it should.
The original image, for reference. >>832314 (on-site)
safe1949162 artist:anearbyanimal573 artist:jessijinx13 edit154933 twilight sparkle330351 pony1299374 unicorn435584 belly button94270 binoculars643 bipedal43197 bipedal leaning2262 chair9951 computer7174 computer mouse596 duckery in the comments203 eyes on the prize6226 female1582283 hoof hold10612 keyboard1392 leaning4451 mare605757 meme88444 monitor891 open mouth193751 open smile15114 ponified meme1673 pubic mound131 reaction image10012 simple background491832 smiling324433 solo1248531 transparent background243740 unicorn twilight25315 wingless5885 wingless edit67


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I meant to link the image of their follow-up tweet but got distracted.
EDIT: Oh shit, if you look at them in two different tabs and switch between, they made her thicker in some spots and gave her belly
and gave her that suggestive hot crotch mound