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(Эти ценные моменты, когда все друзья вместе. После таких встреч чувствуешь заряд энергии для новых свершений)
(These precious moments are when all the friends are together. You feel the charge of energy for new accomplishments after such meetings).

safe2118835 hitch trailblazer12513 izzy moonbow19580 pipp petals18899 sunny starscout18993 zipp storm15059 earth pony423627 pegasus471777 pony1479946 unicorn512876 g566430 my little pony: a new generation14507 official11287 3d117325 adorapipp2894 animated122311 bright259 colorful690 cute257315 female1740438 flying52794 flying away29 happy42824 it's coming right at us258 looking at each other32273 looking at someone13331 looking at you246453 male529643 mane five3747 mare703736 no sound6265 princess3201 promotion48 proud590 raised hoof66630 royal sisters6397 siblings19959 simple background569516 sisters16718 smiling377206 smiling at you21545 social media213 spread wings88536 stallion184284 suspecting3 vkontakte65 webm24304 wings208443


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Background Pony #C254
I like how Hitch is like “Hmmm, are you… oh it’s you! Hi!”
If Pipp flew straight to the camera head-on it’d make for a great video transition.