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Did a test for @Lumic_4!! Thanks for the opportunity!

safe2174353 artist:lummh777 artist:tomi_ouo178 princess cadance40051 twilight sparkle357747 alicorn314128 pony1602491 comic:the princess of love58 g42028900 concave belly5295 duo169929 duo female30939 eye clipping through hair14699 eyebrows24637 eyebrows visible through hair11776 female1802700 gem10592 glowing19135 glowing horn29135 grin62977 happy44508 high res407844 horn190447 levitation16249 lidded eyes48027 looking at each other34331 looking at someone15984 magic96625 magic aura9000 mare741038 open mouth237530 open smile31253 signature44014 sisters-in-law1211 slender6659 smiling397428 smiling at each other2603 standing on two hooves1669 telekinesis39060 thin9824 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149124


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@Background Pony #0AE2
Maybe if I read this, I would see things differently. But anyway, I’m not the only one who think it’s ambiguously, in the another place I came across the following (roughly retelling) “Cadance looks at Twilight like somepony will learn another friendship lesson soon”.