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After Scootaloo almost drowned, Rainbow vowed to teach her adopted little sister how to swim, so she, along with the local lifeguard Fluttershy, are getting the pool toys ready so Scootaloo can swim and have a good time with her big sister.
My headcanon is Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy blew up the water wings almost all the way to help Scootaloo finish the job.
Commissioner Note: Einsman for Luna’s sake stop slapping “weird fetish” on pictures you don’t like. I don’t want to get a mod involved but I will if this continues. Since when did derpibooru become the kinkshaming community if you seriously think this is solely a kink pic. (It’s not.)

safe2174798 artist:cyanlightning1163 fluttershy258658 princess celestia112711 rainbow dash279945 scootaloo58771 inflatable pony870 pegasus496664 pony1602903 g42029317 absurd resolution67467 air nozzle212 beach ball2068 blowing663 blowing up beach ball10 clothes634658 commissioner:crimsonvalentazure4 cute265826 cutealoo3933 daaaaaaaaaaaw7015 dashabetes12245 dress62029 ear fluff50779 eyes closed139031 female1803164 floaty701 inflatable2489 inflatable alicorn27 inflatable toy770 inflating203 inner tube1022 lifeguard2365 lifeguard fluttershy27 one eye closed45740 one-piece swimsuit6395 pool toy1144 puffy cheeks5148 rainblow dash181 scootalove2086 shyabetes19237 siblings21823 simple background596574 sisters17977 sitting92396 spread wings94549 swanlestia156 swimming lesson3 swimsuit39137 transparent background284531 two-piece swimsuit241 water wings190


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