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Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo give you a big present
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Update: Much larger resolution
safe1900436 artist:cyanlightning1115 apple bloom54889 scootaloo54298 sweetie belle52134 earth pony330716 pegasus374405 pony1248008 unicorn411717 .svg available9252 :p11359 absurd resolution70028 box5332 christmas16542 clothes533598 costume32962 cutie mark crusaders20371 ear fluff38898 female1537299 filly79681 foal24136 grin49084 hat102697 holiday25493 lidded eyes36356 lip bite13158 looking at you203743 open mouth183780 open smile11910 pony in a box1139 present7071 santa costume1797 santa hat7002 simple background472858 smiling309562 smiling at you11481 tongue out121865 transparent background236098 trio14361 trio female3088 vector82302


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what there expresions say to me
AB: applesapplesapplesapples sugar cube appples?
sweetie belle: Hi there! lets be friends!
Scootaloo: forget friends lets skips straight to the benefits! she jumps at the plate of cookies on the table then looks around what….what did you think i meant?