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safe2197686 artist:dsana737 tempest shadow19103 oc960019 oc:lullaby dusk252 oc:rust wing67 pegasus507441 pony1628118 unicorn549630 comic:a storm's lullaby325 g42053605 comic136843 crying56198 female1829099 filly99210 floppy ears74114 foal46276 high res409233 mare758131 open mouth242682 speech bubble40863 yes354


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Background Pony #665D
Now cue the Brother Bear reference;
Tempest: Lullaby! Lullaby, please don’t be afraid… it’s still me, Fizzy!
Background Pony #665D
Come on, I had to take the opportunity to reference it like that! 😉
True but I was preferring the moment that in a possible future page Lullaby and Tempest will run to each other, giving each other a warm family hug telling how sorry they are to each other like Kevin and his mom did.
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don't drink and tag
Same here. And I’m reading those artificial “wings” as a hint that Rust will never be able to use his real ones considering what they have gotten through recently.
Background Pony #665D
No just literally passed out and Tempest will carry him on her back whether Rusty likes it or not since he’s still in no condition to have his selfish way when she and Lullaby return home to Fireweed and Thistle.