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safe1861521 artist:threetwotwo322321620 doctor whooves11214 lightning dust4829 limestone pie5396 pinkie pie229603 princess ember7393 starlight glimmer52689 tempest shadow17733 time turner11208 trixie72027 oc777471 earth pony313215 pegasus356260 unicorn393895 semi-anthro16932 absurd resolution69238 broken horn14556 card game319 ernst stavro blofeld17 eyepatch3374 fang (goodbye volcano high)2 female1501137 hat99470 horn98352 james bond200 jaws131 mare557123 oddjob3 parody16204 simpsons did it451 tail48949 the simpsons1957 top hat4633


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What a petty, Mr. Turner.
What, no! I never lose, it was Pinkie’s fault! Well, at least tell me your plan for world domination.
Oh, I’m not falling for that again.