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Personally I subscribe to those meanings of Christmas that predate most religions, those of fire and death and blood spilled on the icy ground THAT THE SUN MAY RETURN!!! Hey that’s actually weirdly on brand for Equestria when you think about it. Maybe that could be a whole calendar if I feel like doing another vaguely depressing one in the future.
safe1859758 artist:blackgryph0n345 artist:bluetech74 artist:bronybyexception311 artist:drewdini125 artist:frownfactory875 artist:iknowpony129 artist:illumnious301 artist:jeatz-axl696 artist:lapin-demoness5 artist:lekadema13 artist:magister39335 artist:paganmuffin65 artist:parclytaxel1416 artist:proenix107 artist:stabzor164 artist:tardifice879 artist:timeimpact30 artist:vector-brony783 artist:xenoneal103 clementine200 clover the clever408 derp cat38 granny smith5611 mayor mare3476 star swirl the bearded2148 sweetie belle51493 trixie71979 twilight sparkle319755 oc776410 oc:fausticorn1580 alicorn253203 cat7054 earth pony312379 giraffe923 llama158 pony1203944 sheep1811 unicorn393127 advent calendar370 aslan4 black sheep23 christianity353 christmas16437 chronicles of narnia8 clipboard1395 dialogue73553 female1499535 holiday25237 jesus christ240 magic80680 manger8 mare556110 narnia13 nativity15 stars18167 the magi5 three wise men9 three wise ponies6 vector81162 young granny smith730 younger18764


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