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What better way to go dashing through the snow than with Dash herself? Of course, the snow dashing is only during liftoff…
safe1861530 artist:pony-thunder219 apple bloom53933 fluttershy227680 rainbow dash249410 scootaloo53704 sweetie belle51523 earth pony313219 pegasus356265 pony1205839 unicorn393904 antlers2577 comic117653 cutie mark crusaders20107 dialogue73657 ears back1480 female1501156 filly76763 folded wings9679 green eyes5895 horn98360 mare557129 multicolored hair7444 multicolored mane2551 multicolored tail1878 open mouth176112 open smile9261 orange eyes660 pink mane1262 pink tail365 purple eyes3437 rainbow hair3279 rainbow tail379 red mane746 reindeer antlers545 sleigh279 smiling297134 snow15766 speech bubble27731 standing16154 tail48950 teal eyes250 tongue out118362 two toned mane3309 wings148891


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