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Izzy version

safe2207140 alternate version89280 gameloft7618 izzy moonbow22464 pony1637468 unicorn554310 g579292 my little pony: a new generation14943 bust79805 cute270715 fake1285 female1840346 game4892 izzybetes2772 logo7323 looking at you267186 mare764848 my little pony logo6392 open mouth244866 open smile34217 simple background613896 smiling409695 smiling at you27746 solo1452945 transparent background291257


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If this is real, does that mean they will stop doing the G4 characters and use G5 characters onwards based on the A New Generation film? That would be really cool!
Never mind, I keep being idiotic knowing this isn’t gonna happen.
Background Pony #760D
@Background Pony #6CDD
Question: How’d you get the original character poses in such high quality? The only ones I know are from the movie poster (the photoshop file of the russian version got leaked a couple weeks before the movie was released)
Background Pony #6CDD
Yeah I hope so
Maybe I can use some standard quality image from this site, I want to make the rest of Mane5 in 3D too
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@Background Pony #6CDD
Eh, honestly as we get more official material with those characters in it (IE more images of the upcoming special and TV series) then more high quality vectors of the characters will become available. And I am not surprised in any way that the first two characters to get vector renders were Sunny and Izzy, since they seem to be the lead characters in the show so far (and in the film they were the characters that got the most screen time).
Background Pony #6CDD
Yes thank you
I want to do this for other characters but I don’t have high quality transparent image of Pipp, Zipp, and Hitch
Background Pony #DE0B
Not going to lie I was fooled for a while, although i hope we do get g5 characters in the game some day