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Return of the annual Blackjack Friday, for Black Friday. πŸ–€πŸ₯³πŸ₯°
Had to put up two Christmas trees today. Almost didn’t make the timeline for this…but I managed to. By an hour left. πŸ˜‡
First time vectoring the first alicorn cyber eclipse, Level 4, as shown here.
Happy end-of-Black Friday - and on to Cyber Monday! 😁

safe2209967 artist:php178692 derpibooru exclusive41353 oc966617 oc only704169 oc:blackjack3430 alicorn322486 cyborg5521 pony1640480 unicorn555732 fallout equestria23547 fallout equestria: project horizons4089 series:blackjack friday3 .svg available10798 10 of spades3 20211452 ace of spades96 amputee6915 armor31977 artificial wings3172 augmented4454 aura1167 black369 black friday40 card3445 chestplate288 cutie mark51388 cyber alicorn16 cyber armor1 cyber eye52 cyber eyes88 cybernetic legs767 cyberpunk2792 fanfic art18946 female1843774 floppy ears74949 folded wings21715 gesture205 gradient mane2927 gradient tail1286 grin64627 hand13235 happy black friday3 happy black friday 20211 holding5706 horn210929 inkscape2516 jack of spades12 king of spades16 level 4 (alicorn eclipse) (project horizons)40 looking at you268045 magic98645 magic aura9461 mane3542 mare767139 mechanical hands185 mechanical wing808 neck brace88 one eye closed47036 one eye open435 playing card831 queen of spades88 red851 red eye132 royal flush20 scratch (font)3 screws41 simple background615515 sitting95417 sitting up145 small horn785 smiling410919 solitaire14 solo1455594 svg5194 tail110236 thumbs up1403 transparent background291922 vector90816 wings233454 wink33650 winking at you3581


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