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Originally posted on: June 16, 2021, 12:01 PM UTC
MLB x MLPEG Poster (with Fanmade Soundtrack)
  1. Just Having Some Fun (from Bratz Forever Diamondz)
  2. Forever Diamondz (from Bratz Forever Diamondz)
  3. Don’t Walk Away (from Hannah Montana The Movie)
  4. Rather Be With You (from Descendants Wicked World)
  5. Hello, Hoshi O Kazoete (from Love Live! The School Idol Movie) [Singers: Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, Wave Breeze]
  6. So Good (from Bratz Rock Angelz)
  7. Heartbeat *(from Love Live! The School Idol Movie) * [Singers: Rainbow Dash, Rose Werly, Rarity]
  8. The Wall Between Us (from Miraculous Ladybug)
  9. Starlight (from My Scene Goes Hollywood)
  10. Ready As I’ll Ever Be (Tangled the Series)
  11. Believe (from Barbie & the Diamond Castle)
  12. Future Style (from Love Live! The School Idol Movie) [Singers: Twilight Sparkle, Alyssa, Applejack]
  13. I See The Light (from Tangled)
  14. Heart Of Stone (from Winx Club)
  15. Superheroes (from Winx Club)
    Miraculous Ladybug belongs to ZAG
    MLP belongs to Hasbro
    Alyssa, Rose Werly, Wave Breeze belong to me
safe1786542 artist:wavebreeze23463 applejack175817 fluttershy220497 pinkie pie223120 rainbow dash241805 rarity188432 sci-twi26059 sunset shimmer66039 twilight sparkle310463 oc733032 equestria girls211971 boots23658 clothes489226 crossover64591 dress47125 evening gloves8889 eyelashes14642 female1434976 gloves21695 hat93425 humane five3773 humane seven2797 humane six3583 long gloves6464 male400044 marinette dupain-cheng73 mask7377 miraculous ladybug377 ponied up5416 shoes40312 smiling273034 wings131290


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Background Pony #9706
@Kulta kai
it’s a Chinese Miracle Box, also called the Mother Box, is a jewelry box used to store the Miraculouses when they are not in use. It was the first Miracle Box ever created and the one that possesses the most powerful Miraculouses.
Background Pony #42A8
crossovers would be fine but not with miraculous ladybug. her with equestria girls ain’t compatible with each other, i mean they are not the same size age. don’t mistake marinnette for older if she is 14 years old and young and while twilight and the others are the size of an adult.