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2022 Derpibooru Collaboration vector done for Dreamy Orange, featuring he and his Dashie plushie within. :D
Clipping that plushie to fit it inside the mouth took some work, but I managed to make it look decent. :3
Thanks to LightningBolt for the original Dashie plushie, cutie mark, fluff, tail and mane vector resources, all of which were used in this vector. Made this a lot easier and I appreciate it. :3
Pose is based on one of VectorVito’s bat pony vectors (vulgar description warning).

safe2175740 artist:php178692 derpibooru exclusive40487 rainbow dash280092 oc948212 oc only688576 oc:dreamy orange15 pegasus497094 pony1604029 2022 community collab854 derpibooru community collaboration6181 .svg available10724 butt fluff921 cheek fluff9537 cutie mark51436 determined smile99 dreamworks face1478 ear fluff50768 face down ass up11465 fluffy19593 folded wings20010 gray482 green eyes9812 grin63040 high res407886 hoof fluff3269 inkscape2509 looking at you259618 male551304 mouth hold23767 orange (color)36 pegasus oc35848 plushie30945 pointy ponies3971 simple background597048 smiling397865 smiling at you25381 solo1427158 stallion195882 stance76 standing25079 svg5254 transparent background284619 vector89944 wing fluff2397 wings223337


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Goodbye guys ;)
I knew that OC looked familiar! Nice to see the parts I made getting used again. ^^
Thank you for providing that resource! Made it so much easier vectoring ^ w ^
Glad you approve :3
want me to tag you too? Since you created some assets for this, I think it’s fair to include your artist tag too :D