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My vector submission for the 2022 Derpibooru Community Collaboration, featuring me and my shipping partner/ favorite artist ponified together. With our beachy attire, because this is set to be a sunny collab! 🌞 😎
Killer Epic’s kneeling pose partially taken from
My pose based off of Twilight’s from The Ending of the End, when Rarity rescued her. Similar to this, but from a personal screencap a few frames after.

safe2175054 artist:php178692 derpibooru exclusive40476 oc947855 oc:killer epic35 oc:nocturnal vision71 alicorn314329 pony1603208 2022 community collab854 derpibooru community collaboration6181 .svg available10723 alicorn oc36489 anatomically incorrect5473 bedroom eyes82171 buttons395 carrying3096 clothes634806 collared shirt24 colored wings14506 cross1155 cross necklace164 crossed hooves2919 crossed legs4836 cutie mark51428 duo170302 eye2113 eyes2304 fallout equestria oc256 female1803521 fire15877 floral print77 flower39510 folded wings19983 friendcest16 friendshipping704 gradient wings1826 guitar6625 hair3364 hawaiian shirt649 hibiscus76 high res407853 holly2276 hoof around neck413 hoof hold12974 horn190891 incorrect leg anatomy2173 inkscape2509 jewelry113157 killervision16 kneeling13289 leaning forward822 lidded eyes48056 lincoln brewster35 looking at you259479 loose hair2474 lounging385 lying4620 lying down46792 lying on top of someone579 male551054 mane3419 musical instrument15216 necklace32368 oc x oc23870 ponies riding ponies2840 ponified50776 ponified music artist35 prone35229 raised hoof69982 realistic mane84 riding9170 riding a pony526 shipping254261 shirt40454 simple background596612 smiling397683 smiling at you25334 spread wings94590 stallion195803 stallion oc872 straight179265 striped mane769 striped tail405 sunglasses21070 svg5254 tail100905 transparent background284522 two toned mane6001 two toned tail3004 vector89913 wing sleeves371 wings223142


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