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My vector submission for the 2022 Derpibooru Community Collaboration, featuring me and my shipping partner/ favorite artist ponified together. With our beachy attire, because this is set to be a sunny collab! 🌞 😎
Killer Epic’s kneeling pose partially taken from
My pose based off of Twilight’s from The Ending of the End, when Rarity rescued her. Similar to this, but from a personal screencap a few frames after.

safe2200444 artist:php178692 derpibooru exclusive41120 oc961335 oc:killer epic35 oc:nocturnal vision71 alicorn320056 pony1630875 2022 community collab854 derpibooru community collaboration6174 .svg available10781 alicorn oc36890 anatomically incorrect5563 bedroom eyes83610 buttons397 carrying3137 clothes645963 collared shirt27 colored wings15300 cross1177 cross necklace182 crossed hooves2958 crossed legs4943 cutie mark51348 duo179880 eye2131 eyes2318 fallout equestria oc268 female1832295 fire16091 floral print79 flower40447 folded wings21077 friendcest16 friendshipping708 gradient wings1904 guitar6698 hair3427 hawaiian shirt661 hibiscus77 high res409282 holly2285 hoof around neck428 hoof hold13331 horn205285 incorrect leg anatomy2206 inkscape2517 jewelry116451 killervision16 kneeling13567 leaning forward856 lidded eyes49599 lincoln brewster35 looking at you265418 loose hair2497 lounging400 lying4656 lying down49196 lying on top of someone593 male560606 mane3521 musical instrument15464 necklace33207 oc x oc24458 ponies riding ponies2863 ponified51443 ponified music artist36 prone35965 raised hoof71663 realistic mane84 riding9359 riding a pony668 shipping257871 shirt41794 simple background610433 smiling406875 smiling at you27203 spread wings97694 stallion200292 stallion oc1047 straight182133 striped mane858 striped tail465 sunglasses21418 svg5185 tail107512 transparent background289729 two toned mane6478 two toned tail3299 vector90541 wing sleeves382 wings230361


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