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I wanted to do a redraw of my first Bass-Beat piece, but with the pose I was originally going to go with.^c^

safe2154380 artist:umbrapone119 oc936403 oc:bass-beat23 earth pony437907 pony1582358 abstract background23528 bat ears758 butt fluff862 butt freckles3241 chest fluff63923 coat markings12836 dancing11042 dappled744 elbow fluff230 freckles42979 green mane900 high res406180 long tail4884 multicolored hair11474 pink mane2465 short mane1643 shoulder fluff3000 solo1409797 tail95828 unshorn fetlocks45177 yellow mane845


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Thanks ^u^
I not too sure about anybody writing about her. If it’s an sfw one I’d probably be okay with it, though it really depends on the story’s content ^c^
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~Pays to squish yo bed~
Always admired this pony’s fluffy fetlocks. x3
I’ll be darned if I can come up with art ideas, so perhaps I’ll write about her one day. ^^