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There is a 5th suit. Seen much more rarely, the guard suit is worn by members of the Royal guard selected to guard the interior of the dungeon. This suit is modeled on the normal guards armor, but it poses a shiny latex under suit. The guard suit also features a fully enclosed helmet with visor. Guard stallions are chosen for their physical strength, as well as their talents as studs. Sometimes the nurses will call on a guard to help with a mare prisoner who needs a powerful rutting. The guards are almost completely silent, totally anonymous under their armor and latex aside from their mane and tail showing. The only sound you might hear from them is their muffled primal grunts as they make love with lucky mares.

suggestive193334 artist:miramore158 oc965762 oc:moonlit shadow12 oc:morning blaze(fireverse)4 oc:nova blade5 bat pony76765 pony1638949 20211452 alternate universe13492 armor31945 armored pony739 barcode350 bat pony oc30358 blank expression111 bondage47426 boots34397 bound wings4943 butt238064 clothes649639 collar49228 commission121331 crescent moon2894 design1014 emblem625 encasement2514 faceless female2151 faceless male7409 female1842131 fireheart76's latex suit design411 gimp443 gimp suit394 gloves30850 helmet16250 high res409925 latex19470 latex boots1325 latex gloves2974 latex suit7052 lying down49992 male564202 mane3540 mare765943 mask10407 moon32036 night guard2329 night guard armor292 offscreen character54011 paint tool sai1219 plot148639 prisoners of the moon419 rubber suit1280 shiny4277 shoes61378 signature46198 simple background614705 sword15029 text92159 weapon42069 wings232966


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