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Novembrush 2021 D5 - Dream
#Novembrush D5 - Dream

safe2188266 artist:dusthiel974 princess luna117732 alicorn317270 pony1617816 g42044229 :i1920 :t4459 adorable distress903 caught4434 colored pupils13308 cute267793 dream walker luna858 dreamcatcher235 dreamcaught luna25 featured image1222 female1818144 floppy ears73595 folded wings20502 horn197936 luna is not amused702 lunabetes4394 mare751397 novembrush3 silly8956 solo1437455 stuck3800 unamused24216 wings226760


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Don’t worry Lulu, this dream catcher was specially made to catch only the best dreams, so that I can keep them and dream them over and over again, butt… *releases Lulu, gives her a cuddle, and sets her free*
Background Pony #8700
Dream catchers only catch bad dreams and she does not look like Nightmare moon to me. ;)
Beta Upgrade
Lunar Supporter - Helped forge New Lunar Republic's freedom in the face of the Solar Empire's oppressive tyrannical regime (April Fools 2023).

The reason luna is annoyed isnt what you guys might think, the way dream catches are suposed to work is good dreams being small and light and airy slip thru the net, bad drems being big scary things get stuck in it
and notice at what ‘point’ luna get stuck
theres an implied fat flanks joke here…somepony is not as ‘light and airy’ as she should be hehe