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Dryad poner? Dryad poner! :D

safe2154214 artist:badumsquish2469 derpibooru exclusive39914 oc936338 oc only679856 dryad170 monster pony4888 original species36047 plant pony782 tree pony30 bush4516 female1780899 forest15287 freckles42975 happy43874 high res406174 looking at you254507 mare728133 plant3392 smiling389823 solo1409629 tentacles15333 tree48287


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Background Pony #A997
Will this adorable tree give you some yummy fruit if you ask her nicely <3
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
She’s definitely friendly. Even to loggers. She’s actually pretty happy that they chop down some of the other non-dryad trees. It’s more sunlight and water for her, and less chance of a forest fire :D
Freckles make everything cuter. I wanted her to look younger, and freckles + pointier ears make them look fairly young XD
@Clever Clovers
Sad to say this one doesn’t give apples. Just hugs :D
@Background Pony #52BF
Probably not. She’s actually pretty soft to the touch :D
She’s VERY capable of that. Where do you think the phrase “got wood” came from? XD
@Background Pony #52BF
Get her the stuff from the Forest Haven and you’ll have a friend for life :D
@Dirty Bit
Careful, she’s a hugger :D
Background Pony #86E8
Fluttershy new girlfriend and she is looking at Fluttershy as we speak i sense naughty fun even when she swallow Fluttershy lower half of her body or Fluttershy head just sticking out or Fluttershy whole body and her face implant on the outside to see.
Background Pony #A997
tap on the tree to invoke the support of the tree spirits :)
it’s where the phrase ‘knock on wood’ comes from :3
it is either a pictish belief or it comes from an earlier group in England