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One more time, happy Halloween!
I had one more idea for a Batman Halloween picture idea, and I didn’t want to repeat a theme next year or wait a whole year to make it either. :)
Fluttershy always gets a lot flirtier with Big Mac wearing costumes. She’s going to make good use of those when they get back to the cottage. *rawr*
If you haven’t see it yet, you can find my other Halloween picture for this year right here:
I got this wonderful balcony vector from over here:
source needed19050 safe1995353 anonymous artist3818 big macintosh31516 fluttershy240586 earth pony372179 gargoyle395 pegasus416739 pony1348054 series:fm holidays289 :p12480 batman2300 batman the animated series155 bedroom eyes73849 blank eyes585 blush sticker3343 blushing242593 cape13051 castle of the royal pony sisters885 catsuit1706 catwoman357 clothes568434 costume35663 cute239685 female1625552 flirting2126 fluttermac3582 halloween11504 halloween costume2948 high res88024 holiday29644 lineless4990 looking at you221943 male469339 mare630525 nightmare night5612 no pupils5276 raised hoof60941 shipping232632 shyabetes17255 smiling338452 stallion156453 straight161772 tongue out130837 tugging177 wavy mouth4902


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This is very adorable.
I love how you mixed the BTAS (Batman the Animated Series) Catwoman with the purple color of 90’s Catwoman. With her pony ears, Fluttershy almost looks like Catwoman’s design from The Long Halloween Batman comic arc.
I would not mind seeing more artwork of the two in these costumes, doing the various Batman and Catwoman things. (or even an Equestria Girls version)
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