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One more time, happy Halloween!
I had one more idea for a Batman Halloween picture idea, and I didn’t want to repeat a theme next year or wait a whole year to make it either. :)
Fluttershy always gets a lot flirtier with Big Mac wearing costumes. She’s going to make good use of those when they get back to the cottage. *rawr*
If you haven’t see it yet, you can find my other Halloween picture for this year right here:
I got this wonderful balcony vector from over here:
source needed16557 safe1807486 anonymous artist3075 big macintosh29481 fluttershy222542 earth pony289617 gargoyle332 pegasus331986 pony1146264 series:fm holidays229 :p10213 batman2207 batman the animated series146 bedroom eyes64228 blank eyes465 blush sticker2797 blushing213422 cape11321 castle of the royal pony sisters792 catsuit1461 catwoman356 clothes497700 costume30845 cute213437 female1452785 flirting1596 fluttermac3145 halloween9718 halloween costume2195 high res68600 holiday24016 lineless4314 looking at you185948 male406770 mare528975 nightmare night5102 no pupils4471 raised hoof51377 shipping212194 shyabetes15101 smiling279937 stallion124793 straight145269 tongue out113646 tugging155 wavy mouth4077


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This is very adorable.
I love how you mixed the BTAS (Batman the Animated Series) Catwoman with the purple color of 90’s Catwoman. With her pony ears, Fluttershy almost looks like Catwoman’s design from The Long Halloween Batman comic arc.
I would not mind seeing more artwork of the two in these costumes, doing the various Batman and Catwoman things. (or even an Equestria Girls version)
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