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My own entry for the eleventh anniversary event.
Twilight and The Sphinx do count as two different cultures meeting right?
I’ll leave it up to you guys and gals as to what they’re actually talking about here.
Could be riddles or could be the giant catbird is trying to get some assistance fixing up the temple as it is getting a bit dilapidated these days…..
I also haven’t put pencil to paper for about 12 weeks, so I may be getting a bit rusty.
I didn’t have the right colour for the Sphinx’s body in my colouring pencils box either. Tried my best by mixing about 4 different colours.
safe1861902 artist:40kponyguy787 derpibooru exclusive31543 sphinx (character)1053 twilight sparkle319996 alicorn253570 pony1206231 sphinx2196 female1501492 happy birthday mlp:fim1431 headdress637 jewelry80109 looking at each other24556 mare557361 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary228 talking7384 tiara4904 traditional art125751 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132415 urn39


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Bluesliver The sphinxlover
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The sphinxlover
I also took a bit inspiration from the mlp mobile game where there is a event where the Sphinx came back after been stuck in some time travel. She is confused tries to find comfort around ponies, because she thought they will give her gifts so she will calm down. It did not work, since the ponies got scared and she got more frustrated, until Fluttershy came and tamed her with her stare. :P
But true! I really wish we could have seen her again. I dont think she was a that bad guy, but misunderstood. She could have been lonely or became greedy after discovered the fear from the ponies. What makes her unique is that despite her size, she dont seems brutal there will use her size to stamps on ponies. She used only her smart mind, riddles and magic, which means she is an intellectual person, and not a barbaric big beast.
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@Bluesliver The sphinxlover
A fun spin on the idea. We didn’t see enough of the Sphinx to really get an idea of what sort of character she really is.
A lot of the villains often have a good reason why they’ve turned out the way they are. (Luna being a pretty obvious one).
Bluesliver The sphinxlover
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

The sphinxlover
It always warms my heart to see the Sphinx be remembered and used in a different way than just a brutal huge beast. Even more impressive is that you made it as an anniversary for the mlp show. :)
My version of what is going on:
The Sphinx came back many many years after has been exiled from the Somnambula village. In all that time, she has turned herself into a huge statue to put herself in a deep sleep in hope that one day she could come back and find a new territory she can rule over. The Sphinx was found in a cave when Fluttershy was out on a little roadtrip with the CMC. At first the Sphinx was aggressive but after a fast talk, Fluttershy was able to calm her down and hear the Sphinx’ story of her past.
It seems the Sphinx was a misunderstood creature who let her greed take over. Because of sphinxes size they has an tendency to get easy aggressive. The usual way to calm her down was to offer her snacks. For as we all know, we get very aggressive if we don’t get any food.
Fluttershy followed the Sphinx back out to the Somnambula village where Somnambula and Sphinx could meet again. Despite of what the Sphinx had done to Somnambula and the villagers in the past, she forgive her. The little pegasus’ heart is always full of hope to give others a new chance, and it could be great to have an alliance with such a huge creature.
Of course Twilight could not resist to meet an rare specise. Now she is in the pyramid with the Sphinx to collect her knowledge and rewrite the old story of the evil sphinx to a misunderstood magical creature.
I know its not much a huge deep story, but i also just write this for fun. I hope it was nice enough to read. ^^