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safe2171486 artist:dusthiel973 lyra heartstrings34072 princess luna117058 oc945981 oc:big brian522 alicorn313509 pony1599623 bronycon2306 equestria daily1330 g42026396 clothes633125 cute265379 female1799490 folded wings19825 hat123959 horn188981 leg fluff5065 lunabetes4371 mare738922 meme93813 pins344 ponytober489 propeller hat825 s1 luna8523 slender6514 slippers1335 solo1423742 thanks m.a. larson201 themed slippers17 thin9643 wings222141


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I recognize the top right pin as an M.A. Larson joke about twilicorn. The pin between the M.A. Larson and EQD ones is a BronyCon pin. The lowest left, I’m not sure.