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safe1785930 artist:tjpones3338 apple bloom52135 human162336 alcohol7684 black and white13822 cigarette4113 dialogue69901 dollar222 female1434433 freckles31081 grayscale40098 humanized103209 looking up17642 money1412 monochrome154546 simple background422876 solo1122122 south park659 vulgar21523 white background106409


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

@Dirty Bit
♫ A great adventure is waiting for you ahead. ♫
♫ Hurry onward Paris Hilton or you will soon be dead. ♫
♫ The road ahead is filled with danger and fright ♫
♫ But push onward, Paris Hilton, with all of your might. ♫
♫ Paris Hilton… Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton ♫
♫ Paris Hilton… Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton ♫
♫ Paris Hilton… Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton ♫
♫ Paris Hilton… Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton ♫
Stupid whore!
Background Pony #4B0C
Tetrominon’s comment made me curious, so I Googled “marriage age in the US”, and the first result was a hex grid map of the US, color coded by how young you could get married with parents’ permission.
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Background Pony #4B0C
In some parts of the modern day United States of America, children can get married as young as twelve (with their parents’ permission).
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Background Pony #4B0C
Fair enough, but you’re still a child, and children aren’t allowed to but booze and cigarettes.
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