Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 11 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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suggestive149825 edit137537 balor10 ceridwen23 danu19 discord32039 morrigan11 draconequus13086 idw15537 spoiler:comic10224 angry28372 clone2865 comic112182 duplication34 implied gay1355 implied sex6252 knights of harmony42 male392754 pose6262 tongue out109617 vulgar21350


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I just don’t have any idea about Balor’s gender. The skirt easily can be a clue but Balor is a scottish and those abs, makes confusing the thing.
At least they are equal. Danu and Taranis are males, Morrigan and Ceridwen are females and for last, Balor and Mannah are ambiguous sex (because Mannah is referenced as waterboy and she in the pages).