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safe1765922 artist:assasinmonkey826 argyle starshine148 star swirl the bearded2070 sunny starscout4319 earth pony272696 pony1025837 g511355 my little pony: a new generation5691 clothes481104 colored hooves6830 costume29019 cute207520 eyebrows7150 fake horn780 father and child1055 father and daughter2707 female1415221 filly70626 filly sunny starscout128 halloween8643 halloween costume1832 holiday20823 male392815 open mouth157365 stallion118007 sunnybetes473 the wizard of oz192 unshorn fetlocks28015


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Sunny Starscout: “Wow dad why do you dress up like a weird old grandpa?”
Twilight Sparkle in heaven probably: resisting the urge to smite Sunny.