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Working on Commissions, but I just had to do this sketchy thing of the sisters uwu
Always remember
Pipp tells her mum everything
safe1995358 artist:_ladybanshee_52 pipp petals12903 zipp storm10215 pegasus416741 pony1348061 g544574 my little pony: a new generation13984 chest fluff55447 colored hooves9109 colored wings10254 comic125429 duo124083 duo female21202 ear fluff42611 female1625556 high res88024 hoof fluff2689 implied queen haven28 mare630525 siblings16055 sisters13709 sisters being sisters38 sketch73990 spread wings77407 swearing952 tattletale3 unshorn fetlocks37478 vulgar23661 wings180317


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Background Pony #312A
You’re fucking dead, Zipp. Just as all the fucked up world with the fucking people.
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