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#Ponytober 3 - Chest Fluff

safe2211767 artist:katakiuchi4u312 sunset shimmer80491 pony1641928 unicorn556423 g42066372 :t4481 animated128530 blushing282233 chest fluff68331 cute271382 eye shimmer1475 female1845932 floppy ears75057 fluffy20171 frame by frame4782 freckles45909 gif50104 holding breath426 inhaling106 mare768327 open mouth245987 peacocking32 peppered bacon388 ponytober495 shimmerbetes5322 simple background616427 sitting95562 solo1457198 white background168863


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Background Pony #91BD
When you try to look tough and mean but it doesn’t work because you smol <3
Background Pony #6EAC
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, very good, and now as you being to relax, ARGGHH!!!!, where did that seagull come from! let us try to remain calm, “If i could turn back timmmmmmeeeeeeeee’, ‘rainbow dash!’,‘what?’, ‘you asked me to practise yoga and relax, ‘what’s your problem?’,‘your singing, badly! ‘it helps me to focus!’, ‘your upsetting the animals’, ‘you’re the one who asked them to join, fluttershy!’, ‘I…um…’, ‘let’s all try to get back to relaxing…’ sighed Sunset.