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Sweetie Belle is playing pirate lego ship and committed herself deeply into her pirate character
It seems that Rarity doesn’t take seriously her pirate role, so Sweetie Belle decides to prove her “the terror of the seven seas” title
safe1993673 artist:xbi844 rarity204763 sweetie belle53799 pony1346430 unicorn456513 bedtime56 best sisters50 cannon1055 cute239382 diasweetes3417 duo123769 duo female21144 female1623935 filly86194 flailing508 glowing13378 glowing horn25986 gradient background18028 hat110387 high res87924 hoofy-kicks797 horn120769 imminent pain173 lego1986 levitation14452 magic87583 mare629643 moments before disaster149 pirate2779 pirate hat693 pirate ship295 pure unfiltered evil1900 ship1385 stepping on a lego22 tabun art-battle finished after83 telekinesis34771 this will end in pain2388 this will not end well2163 toy23892


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I miss the show so much
You were warned, Rarity. You were warned about Captain Belle’s curse, but you didn’t listen.