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Going back to drawing canon characters because Derpibooru hates my OCs for some reason…  
“Novo encounters the next generation of ponies. One of them seems to have a similar color pallet to hers. Could they be related?  
Yup, officially jumping aboard the G5 hype train. I was hoping to wait until it comes out to do art of it, but I’m impatient. I always found Zipp’s colors to be similar to Novo. Maybe that’s why she’s leaning towards being my favorite G5 character, but we’ll see.”  
Also 400th artist tag upload!
Also be wary of this really temperamental BP who for whatever reason likes to target this image for his tirades.


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Background Pony #748C
I don’t see a way to report them. They’re clearly doing this to troll or something since they haven’t given any reason as to why they keep adding it.
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@Background Pony #748C  
As I checked the tags just now, it appears it was a different anonymous user who had added the tag. Sanagi and DisgruntledUnicorn are currently trying to stop this. If you see that anonymous user add the “op can’t let go” tag in the Tag history, report them to the staff and they’ll handle this.
Background Pony #748C
Alright, whoever is adding “op can’t let go” on this image needs to really stop. There is nothing here indicating that that tag needs to be there.