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The girls have a minor dispute over what is allowed in their O&O campaign
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Background Pony #EE6C
I’m not blaming you for the players’ actions. I’m blaming you for creating a setting and then punishing the players for interacting with the setting.
As DM you brought them there. If they were just passing by the Grand Canyon you shouldn’t even have mentioned it because it’s irrelevant: They’re passing by.
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Cool Spook
@Background Pony #EE6C
And it says a lot that even if they are just passing by and I warn them it’s too far, you would be blaming me for my player’s actions. And you are the one claiming I’d have them fall in instead of having them trip and knock a rock in instead.
Background Pony #EE6C
As a DM, you have the control to determine where to bring the players.
It doesn’t matter if it’s the Grand Canyon or an active volcano or a bridge hanging of a pit of spikes. The fact that you brought the players there in the first place says more about you as a DM than the players.
Background Pony #EE6C
Everything in tabletop gaming is based on stupidity. You’re playing a game where players can be killed by a herd of house cats.
That said, if you’re sending players to the Grand Canyon and then automatically killing players for trying to jump it, that says more about you as a DM than the players.
Just Wayne
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
This is exactly how I imagine these four interact. The lil shids work together against the serious mares. :P
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