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explicit479427 grimdark30921 artist:alcor1226 starlight glimmer60708 human250887 pony1629681 unicorn550464 g42055272 anatomically correct36616 anus140151 blindfold5794 bondage47170 butt236147 cowgirl position10263 crotchboobs31153 descriptive noise1618 dock72881 equal cutie mark1805 evil smile6573 female1830847 female on male3001 female on male rape340 femdom10526 giggling1223 glimmer glutes2466 glowing horn29574 grin64051 horn204578 human male9244 human male on mare4837 human on pony action13487 humping1066 interspecies32759 magic98026 magical bondage577 male560117 malesub7578 mare759070 mare on human male167 nipples246860 nudity521137 penetration89800 penis217130 plot147371 ponut65373 rape9191 s5 starlight2757 sex174573 smiling406384 straight181980 submissive23860 telekinesis39675 vaginal58631 vulva194481


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Silver Dis-Astḗr
Makes sense to expand the village’s population….
That is if interspecies breeding is a thing Starlight could pull off, just like in the TwilightxAnon comic
She is trying to get “her fix” WITHOUT the risk of getting accidentally pregnant with a foal.
Given the “lowest common denominator” effect her cutiemark removal&replacement curse/spell has on the pony population, she simply can not trust the “local doctor” in the village to do a “good job” on her if it was necesary.  
-> There were many young foals in the village when the mane six arrived (so while THAT “passive ability” does not seem to be affected, the SKILL at “performance” likely does, making ANY pony terrible at it).

Deliciously Deviant
My top pony artist is still DankFlank but Aclor is a very strong Number 2. You are fantastic and we all love what you do my dude!

Makes sense to expand the village’s population….
That is if interspecies breeding is a thing Starlight could pull off, just like in the TwilightxAnon comic
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Humble Dash-worshipper
Heh, with muscles like that I doubt Starlight could have held him down for any prolonged period of time… unless he let himself to be held down, of course.
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Hoofsies Rule
thats hooooot how she is pulling up on him, her folds tightly slipping slightly outside as she does getting ready to ram it back down! holy fuck Starlight <3
Just Wayne
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Everypony is equal, except for that buff human Starlight is really horny for.
Maybe not just Starlight, everypony should be equal after all so everypony gets to fuck the human.
Background Pony #3EB5
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing marehood so tightly wrapped around a human penis that it gets pulled over it a bit on the way out.
This guy will never be satisfied by human pussy again after this raping.
Background Pony #14D9
How do you deal with Equality when some are born with cocks much more massive than the others?