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For personal reasons, the posting of this drawing in EQD is not allowed. Nothing confrontational or ban-related, I just hate the spotlight.

After a millennium without posting anything, here's finally a new drawing…
And now there's another hiatus for a thousand years
safe1725923 artist:branewashpv68 sunset shimmer63811 pony986197 unicorn331838 eqg summertime shorts3167 equestria girls203039 good vibes326 90s anime52 bag4833 chromatic aberration1498 clothes466769 cute202731 daaaaaaaaaaaw4507 hnnng2464 looking up16818 mouth hold17745 particles68 ponified41555 shimmerbetes4438 shopping bag145 solo1077355 sunset sushi344


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And I would totally want her to stay in pony form every time she comes to see me after realizing how cute she is. :3
I wonder if there is a fanfic where Sunset remains a pony in the human world and instead of taking over the school and making the human six fight she just makes them d'aww over how cute she looks. :P
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I've always liked the Idea of characters not being forced to transform when going though the portals, But rather they have to have some kind of magic Gem/Amulet that is requires charging to maintain their human/pony forms and blend in.
In this case Sunset Shimmer ran out of that magic power and was forced back into her Pony form while she was on her way to see you.