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This character coming from:

Guardians of Pondonia

I made it in an MLP:FIM vector style.
Because i like the character :)
safe1751365 artist:le-23106 oc712447 oc only465769 oc:athena (shawn keller)139 pegasus309413 pony1011349 barely pony related6238 eyelashes12357 female1402628 grin40988 guardian of the three kingdoms15 guardians of pondonia148 high res32889 jewelry68425 looking at you175811 mare502553 margarita paranormal26 necklace20542 pegasus oc13117 regalia21166 simple background409443 smiling261266 solo1094929 transparent background208970 vector77868


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Peace to all
It's going to be interesting to see if this spreads from the initial bump in activity generated from /mlp/ discovering this sort into anything. More likely just a meme, but as I said elsewhere considering how the fandom generated plenty of art and fics from background characters with only brief appearances there is a chance this may turn into something.