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Out Of Chrysalis 01
“Chrysalis decided to choose her subjects over revenge…But her metamorphosis went rather wrong…”
It has been more than 4 years that I have been working on Chaos Future. I want to take some break from it. So I decided to put Chaos Future on hiatus and work on another story just to break away from the norm. Hope you understand and wish you enjoy the new story! >w<

First page : – This Is The First –  
Previous page : – Nothing Before This –  
Next page : >>2618099
safe1864902 artist:vavacung2516 applejack181134 fluttershy227971 pinkie pie229881 queen chrysalis37479 rainbow dash249744 rarity195165 starlight glimmer52750 thorax4802 twilight sparkle320350 changedling9528 changeling54286 insect2338 moth880 pony1209312 unicorn395373 comic:out of chrysalis63 to where and back again2867 a better ending for chrysalis126 alternate scenario339 comic117846 female1504119 king thorax3256 mane six33959 question mark5203 species swap22190 transformation12686


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Scintilla Aquila

Honorary Yak
Why can’t I find the comic where Chrysalis considers Starlight’s offer, then imagines how horrible she’d look reformed, and consequently rejects it?
Background Pony #C8DC
This is what Chrysalis saw in her mind before slapping Starlight’s hoof away xD
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Background Pony #9D70
What? Your Queen Chrysalis is evolving!
Congratulations! Your Queen Chrysalis evolved into Great Empress Venemoth!
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