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Everything was already perfect for Velvet. Well, almost. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt empty on the inside. She had everything a reindeer would asked for, yet she was still displeased, what could be missing, she thought.

Her life has always been a pampered one. She didn’t need to do any hard work in her life. Her sprites would always do that for her, like all the reindeers in Reine. She was curious of what her father, Jarl Stronghoof, usually does. He always went out of the region for adventures, seeking danger along the way, which is strange for her kin. Every time he comes home, he always bragged about the fights and the misfits he gets caught in, and also the friends he made along the way. Velvet knew her father was happy. She was envious of him.

As she strolled the city square with her cousin, Cashmere, they heard an oration by the Aristocrats, that they must send their own champion to find the last key and defeat the Predators. They were preparing to announce their champion to take the Tundra's Prophet's Key.

Velvet was certain that she will be the champion, or her father. She was Velvet Hoofstrong, a descendant of one of the mightiest and respected family in all of Reine. She attended one of the most prestigious school in Reine, and the best ice sculpture in all of the Tundra. Why shouldn’t she be? Certainly she was destined for great things.

To her shock, it was actually Blitzen, a member of the Elites. She took offence to this massively, as she had the biggest ego in the North.

Without hesitation, Velvet challenged Blitzen for the title, claiming it was her right to be champion. The male reindeer knew Velvet back in school, as she was not only the most popular, but also the most spoiled, pompous brat in all of Tundra. Blitzen had been training for years to become one of the Elites, surely an ice sculptor wouldn’t be able to best him.

Everyone was at awe of Velvet’s ice magic during her fight. While she lack strength or wisdom, her arts in cryomancy was something to behold at. Blitzen could not keep up or defend against such majestic display, and was soon defeated.

All the reindeers at the square was surprised at Velvet’s victory against one of the Elites, so they cheered her like never before. Velvet discovered a new feeling, she didn’t know what it was, but it was wonderful and satisfying, she wanted more of it! Cashmere congratulated her and Jarl was proud of his daughter’s win. Blitzen found himself in love with her, having never seen such beauty before in his life.

She was given the land’s Prophet’s Key, and was instructed by the Aristocrats to find the sixth key. No one knew where it was for centuries, but with Reine holding one of the best libraries in the world, Velvet would just need to do some research.

A simple start, how hard can the life of a Key Keeper be?


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