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Captain Shimmer of the Celestial Rangers
Lost in the vast reaches beyond the Starswirl Gate, Captain Shimmer must avoid capture by the alien forces arrayed against her long enough to vaporize the Robot Hordes threatening the Terrestrial Ponies of Mining Colony π-3 and escape before the terrible secret she carries can be discovered by Queen Chrysalis of the Badlands Nebula… but what escape is possible when the way back has been destroyed for the good of her homeworld?
Just having a bit of fun… I saw that G5 includes advanced technology like Cell Phones and figured “Why stop there?” And if I’m doing Ponies In Space, then I’m doing retro 50’s Sci-fi Ponies In Space, dammit!
I wanted to get a bit of the feel of old serials and so thought I’d kluge together some props for Sunset. As a result, I took photos of random odds and ends and used them to assemble bits of her suit or as textures over the drawing and combined those with a very graphic feel. All in all, it was a fun image to do.
safe1861533 artist:harwick279 sunset shimmer68858 pony1205843 unicorn393907 50s90 bag6160 dreamworks face1226 female1501162 jetpack322 mare557132 moon26013 oxygen tank56 poster5980 raised hoof54428 rocket893 saddle bag6473 science fiction741 smiling297136 solo1182930 space5479 space helmet191 spaceship909 spacesuit1250 stars18199


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