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safe1768983 artist:bobthedalek956 apple bloom51582 big macintosh29008 sugar belle3232 earth pony274064 pony1028879 unicorn350142 brotherhooves social511 cider2612 couch8842 embarrassed11857 female1417829 filly70840 implied crossdressing12 male393807 mare510584 open mouth158013 panicking322 shipping207550 stallion118477 straight141653 sugarmac810 tankard292


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aka Summersong
Sugar: Are you gay?
Macintosh: Eeenope.
Sugar: Transgender?
Macintosh: Eeenope.
Sugar: Grossly insecure about your masculinity?
Macintosh: Eeewhy you gotta make this about that.
Sugar: Well, why’d you do it?
Macintosh: Eeeeeeeeeeeeebecause my dearest little sister really wanted ta enter ‘n’ Applejack were busy with some Cutie Map such-n-such ‘n’ it jes’ so happened I had some experience with th’ matter losin’ all them bets with Applejack so’s I figured it wouldn’t be no ‘count what since th’ Sisterhooves Social lets cousins ‘n’ even close friends partner up an’ Granny sure as hell weren’t about ta do it so what was th’ big deal?
Bloom: Also he was jyeeelous of Applejack bein’ th’ cool siblin’.
Macintosh: Eeeeeeeee… yup. :(
Sugar: Wow. You sound like a pretty cool sibling too!
Macintosh: Aw thanks ma.
Sugar: … What?
Macintosh: Ma, uh, mah, um, mmmmmon cherie???
[Sugar looks at Bloom]
Bloom: Don’ look at me, I ain’t even remember my parents…
Sugar: Didja win?
Macintosh: Eeeweelll…
Bloom: Y’know how in F-Zero ya win if ya murder everybody else in the race?
[Sugar blinks]
Bloom: You can’t win th’ Sisterhooves Social that way.
Macintosh: Eeeeenope.
Background Pony #9114
I suddenly really want to see more instances where the CMC fail to add important context.
“Of course that was after the Sisterhooves Social where Sweetie Belle wanted to use my sister.”
“Yep! But then Rarity proved she was willing to get dirty for me.”
Neko Majin C
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Twilight's Westley
Ah did it because mah sister ran away to Manehattan and Ah wanted mah sister to like me. So Ah put on a dress and heels to win her over.