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seriously, thanks for holding up the fort without me. hopefully i didnt give the impression i was long dead (even though i too would’ve thought i was dead after, what, 3 months?).
here’s a little test animation i made in a span of like a week or so, who knows. obviously i took breaks between, but who’s counting? looking at it now, i kinda wish i gave it a little bit more effort, but my old past self said it was a test anyway, so it really didn’t matter if it didn’t come out perfect. this one came out pretty alright. little bit of mistakes (the colors are intentional), but i think it’s fine. i also wanted to give it a text, but i can’t apparently animate text because i suck. that, and clip gives only 24 frames for me to work with, so i gave it my effort.
if you’re interested in how this came to be, you can take a look at the video here and see the process:  
but again, thank you for sticking by while i disappeared. much appreciated. i’ll go over what is up later on (gotta catch up on the notifs and such). see you when i see you!
Fun Fact: Pretty sure there hasn’t been a perspective like this on Ocellus, so this may be the first of its kind. As for if it’s perfect, meh. Who knows? Animating is such a pain.
MLP:FiM is own by Hasbro!
q: so how is animation?  
a: let’s just say i now understand why mistakes happen.
q: are you sure that this is the first time someone drawn ocellus in this perspective???  
a: structured within the show’s style. i think. i’m really not sure. : /
q: so what is she doing exactly?  
a: originally intended to have her say “thanks” but it proved a bit too much for me. wait, did i just answered a q/a without a joke?


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