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In case a new character is announced, I will add it.
it took me a while experimenting with them, what do you think? Do you like them?
New Character: Zipp Added
There is still a place for another pony :3
safe1975121 artist:darksly570 hitch trailblazer8109 izzy moonbow14095 pipp petals12132 sunny starscout12870 zipp storm9517 earth pony363032 pegasus408351 pony1327460 unicorn448110 g541267 :p12274 adorapipp1973 adorazipp656 badge1726 bag7558 ball5024 cloven hooves13195 cute236878 ear fluff41824 female1606647 fluttershy's cutie mark325 grin53131 high res86908 hitchbetes372 horn117819 horn guard414 horn impalement899 hornball756 izzy's tennis ball1092 izzybetes1821 looking up20731 male461072 mane five (g5)2482 mare620052 rainbow dash's cutie mark354 raised hoof60027 satchel470 signature35211 smiling332320 stallion150831 sunnybetes1093 teeth15472 tennis ball1417 tongue out128987 twilight sparkle's cutie mark365 unshorn fetlocks36554


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Background Pony #50B3
Excuse me but I found something that is yours you have another Aliases called artist:darkrainbowman look for it and you will find it.
Background Pony #FA55
Its odd how socks were very rare in G4 but near universal in G5. Of course its easy to programme a skin with any colour and markings. Remains to be seen if the toys are screen accurate. I’m betting no.