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When I was a just a little lad, or so me mammy told me!  
Away, haul away! We’ll haul away, Joe!  
That if I didn’t kiss the girls, my lips would grow all mouldy!  
Away, haul away! We’ll haul away, Joe!

safe2208355 artist:strafe blitz120 oc965679 oc only703369 oc:lyssa59 oc:red flux112 oc:zeny105 bat pony76762 bird14114 changeling67589 moth1307 mothling492 original species37180 pegasus512101 pony1638710 semi-anthro23183 arm hooves17378 bat pony oc30358 changeling oc11380 clothes649533 commission121307 compass190 ear fluff53026 fangs41392 featured image1239 female1841780 hat127577 helm53 high res409912 hoof hold13476 male564098 map1884 mare765706 multicolored hair12720 pegasus oc37568 pencil4926 pirate3061 png1412 red changeling1859 sailing77 ship1498 slender9166 stallion201739 thin13064 trio28102 ych result38534


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Background Pony #F832
@Midknight Defender
I was just figuring due to the tuffed ears that he has, well unless he just changed his ears like that. /Shrug Though a bat changeling would be cool.