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safe1689694 screencap220102 applejack168481 rarity180253 earth pony242445 pony951371 unicorn316150 my little pony: pony life5299 pony life5764 the great cowgirl hat robbery15 spoiler:pony life s02e1015 animated97711 background pony10204 carrot2077 cowboy hat15422 food69019 freckles28288 happy30768 hat85465 hatless1982 implied pinkie pie712 missing accessory8045 musical instrument10339 piano1087 recolor4229 rule 6326568 sad24322 saloon57 sitting62290 smiling243555 sound8660 table9086 talking5446 unnamed character548 unnamed pony1796 webm13008


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Background Pony #6AB1
This is a time travel episode, so what they are going for it's that she's Pinkie's ancestor.