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safe1706261 artist:davierocket224 bon bon16366 cozy glow7405 lyra heartstrings29545 sweetie drops16366 earth pony248702 pegasus291775 pony967416 unicorn323263 a better ending for cozy162 adopted offspring1086 bear hug114 bipedal34565 confused4752 doorway373 female1362950 holding a pony2997 hug28272 kidnapped796 lesbian96969 lyrabon3316 parenting47 question mark4527 shipping200245 simple background393332 speech bubble23316 text59541


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Background Pony #9D4F
starswirl: U cant bring only the pillars back!! Vibes. Where the others?
Background Pony #A795
Now Cozy, behave or it's off to the SMILE black site where you will watch Lyra's Anthropology lectures. Forever….
Background Pony #5C03
Always nice to see someone willing to give that filly a second chance and actually work with her. Now to just convince Twilight to let them keep her after Lyra broke her out and kidnapped her.