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(random idea) Angsty teen Flurry.
safe1770139 artist:flutterthrash839 princess flurry heart7588 alicorn236182 pony1030076 angry28447 choker13338 dialogue69027 female1418838 implied princess cadance279 mare511154 offscreen character36361 older28202 older flurry heart1622 sketch65184 solo1108752 spiked choker1797 spread wings58208 wings126919


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Background Pony #0D8F
“Part of that’s your Auntie projecting her own experiences.”  
“And the rest of it?”  
“That would be her paranoia and obsessive tendencies.”  
“…that’s really kind of a mean joke, Mom.”  
“That’s because I’m not joking.”

to be fair the empire is a tiny city in the middle of nowhere with it biggest event is a once a year celebration so you could have it worse flurry just look at twilight dumped with ruling the entirety of equestria
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YT=”Sawtooth Waves” had made a vid about her specifically, making a point she ain’t a true Alicorn. If that’s true, her lifespan’s the same as an average unicorn’s, but if she’s an actual Alicorn, her lifespan would be in the thousands if not hundreds of, so her ‘teen years’ would be something like 200-600y.
FlutterThrash’s Flurry Heart is a delight <3
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Planeswalker — FoME
“Dear, I had to spend my teen years getting trained by Celestia, and she refused to tell me what she was training me for. I thought she was going to keel over before I turned twenty.”  
“So you know how I feel.”  
“And you should know I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. They’re just classes, Flurry. Nopony’s expecting you to take the throne before you’re ready.”  
“That’s not how Aunt Twilight tells it…”